Unique Upholstery Deep Button drop arm sofa

Deep Button Drop Arm Sofa

Unique Upholstery Leather Arm Chairs

Leather Arm Chairs

Unique Upholstery Double Ended Chaise

Double Ended Chaise








At Unique Upholstery we have over 30 year’s experience of working with a wide range of antique furniture from dining chairs and chaise Longue to drop arm sofas, providing our customers a safe pair of hands for their treasured furniture. Whether you want to replace your existing fabric with a similar style or want to give it a modern twist we can help you achieve it.

Unique Upholstery Antique Services

At Unique Upholstery we provide you with a full service for the re-upholstery of your antique furniture.

  • Advice on fabric selection
  • Sourcing of quality fabric
  • Restoration of wood work and chair frame
  • Deep button specialist
  • Collection and delivery of your furniture
  • Safe storage of your furniture while we re-upholstery it

We are committed to delivering a high quality service, but don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

For more information about our antique furniture services contact us